Want to go green when traveling? Making the choice is easier than ever before


By Olavi Paananen – CEO Perille Mobility Services

For many Finns, nature is deeply rooted in our DNA. We play in forests and swim in clear lakes from early childhood while breathing air that feels like cleanest in the world. The respect for nature played also a key role in the story of Perille.

When doing research about transportation, we came across some interesting numbers. We saw that using private cars waste a lot of resources as people mainly use them by themselves – and they still stand parked 95% of the time. Did you also know that in the EU, 72% of transportation is done in private cars? [1] Now that’s a lot of parked cars, unused resources, wasted time and money.

On the other hand, traveling with public transportation was often difficult especially in longer journeys, because most travel information and services were scattered in different websites or systems. Shouldn’t traveling greener by public transportation be a whole lot easier? Hell yes, we thought and decided to make going green easier than ever before.

Our aim was to combine all transport providers into one service, make using public transportation more convenient and reduce the use of private cars. As a result, in 2016 our team of great minds gave birth to Perille – a service that makes sustainable traveling easy. Today our transportation search combines everything –buses, trains, flights, rental cars, ferries– to find the cheapest, fastest or cleanest itinerary within Finland.

Our cleantech heart has not gone unnoticed in the industry. We are extremely proud to announce that Perille has been accepted in the Climate KIC Nordic program that aims to tackle climate change with innovative business ideas. Last week we kicked off our journey at Climate KIC boot camp in Gothenburg together with many Nordic smart mobility ventures. We are confident that being part of the Climate KIC network will bring valuable insight and contacts, which will help us develop Perille to the next level in the Nordics.

And of course, make the world a greener place for us all.

Finnish Smart Mobility  superstars Tommi from Sensible4 & Olavi from Perille at Climate KIC boot camp in Gothenburg


[1] Eisenkopf et al (2013). Final report: “All Ways Travelling”

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