Quickly Purchase Local Transport Tickets in Helsinki and Other Finnish Cities

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Perille.fi is the most comprehensive travel ticket service in Finland, now offering Helsinki (HSL), Tampere (Nysse), Turku (Föli), Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti, Hämeenlinna and the Oulu region (Waltti) travel tickets easily and quickly, directly to your mobile phone without the need for app downloads. Purchasing local transport tickets through the Perille service is very easy and fast, as you don’t need to register or download an app. Instead, you can conveniently buy single tickets at local.perille.fi.

How It Works

Purchasing a single local transport ticket through the Perille service is easy without the need for registration or app downloading. The service is ideal for, for example, occasional business trips to the capital region or leisure travelers who rarely visit the capital region.

On your mobile device, navigate to local.perille.fi. Then, select the desired city, travel zone and click “Buy”.To deliver the ticket, enter your phone number and email address, and complete your purchase through a secure connection. You’ll receive the mobile ticket directly to your phone right away. Alternatively, you can activate the travel ticket later – so you can buy the ticket in advance and have it ready on your phone!

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Where Can the Ticket Be Used?

The HSL travel ticket is valid on buses, metros, local trains, and as a tram ticket. With the HSL ticket, you can also travel on the Suomenlinna ferry. The ticket zones are AB, ABC, ABCD, BC, BCD, CD, and D. When moving around the Helsinki city center, you’ll need an AB-zone ticket. You can read more about the zones and areas on HSL’s website. HSL-kertalippujen hinnat riippuvat valituista vyöhykkeistä. HSL-lippu on voimassa vyöhykkeestä riippuen 80-110 minuutin ajan. Myös 1-13 päivän HSL-päiväliput eri vyöhykkeille ovat ostettavissa.

Nysse (Tampere region)
You can use all Nysse tickets to pay for bus and tram rides. Many tickets are also valid on regional trains. Palvelualue on jaettu kuuteen maksuvyöhykkeeseen. AThe service area is divided into six payment zones. The heart of the area is in Tampere, within zones A and B, which are surrounded by other zones C, D, E, and F. The travel ticket is valid for 90 minutes.

Föli (Turku Region)
For individual trips, valid for 2 hours on buses and water buses. Children under 7 travel for free when accompanied by a paying passenger or while being transported in strollers

Linkki (Jyväskylä Region)

With a mobile ticket, you can travel on all local transport lines 1-13 and 14-42. The validity period for 1-2 zone mobile tickets is 60 minutes, and for 3 zone tickets, it’s 120 minutes. During its validity, you can travel unlimitedly within the ticket’s eligible zones. More details about the zones can be found here.

Lahti region

The validity of the LSL mobile ticket starts immediately upon purchase. Buy your ticket before the bus arrives at the stop. Read more details here.

Hämeenlinna Region

Switching from one bus to another is free during the ticket’s recorded transfer time. You must board the bus before the ticket’s validity period ends. More about the zones can be found here.

Vilkku (Kuopio Region)

The validity of mobile tickets starts immediately upon purchase. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy the ticket just shortly before the bus arrives. Mobile tickets are read by placing the ticket’s QR code onto the surface below the reader device. More details here.

Oulu Region

More about the zones can be found here.

Liput HSL
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Plan Your Journey with Perille.fi

The Perille.fi service assists you in finding the most suitable trip both in the HSL area and elsewhere, and in purchasing long-distance and HSL tickets from the same platform. Through the Perille service, you can find door-to-door routes, easily compare the prices and schedules of buses and trains, plan if necessary a travel combination that includes both train, bus, and HSL local transport, and conveniently purchase train tickets, bus tickets, as well as HSL tickets. Safe travels!

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